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   Gansu guangfa uts door industry co., LTD. Is a focus on the telescopic door、The shutter、The garage door、KFC door、The revolving door、Automatic induction door and other related products sales、Installation in a body's enterprise。The company since was established through wind and rain sharpen,Is the service in the people of the country,The above such as the installation of the product quality and professional skills、Perfect after-sale service win the favor of the market。

   Under the category of industry development prospects,We set off from the perspective of the industry professional,Continuously improve the safety of the existing products、Durability and convenience,Make the product price rising,Provide for the customer trust、Safety door。

   The company is growing at the same time don't forget the original intention,We pursue people-oriented,The principle of good faith first。Lanzhou guangfa door industry all staff will be working spirit、The concept of innovation and development,Adhere to the quality、Service standards to meet the challenges of the market,Provide a secure to the people、Rest assured“The portal”And enterprising!